Redmond Coffee Company a 100% local company bringing only the best coffee to Redmond residents and guests.

It is our  hope to make the Redmond Coffee Company a real community treasure.   We live here, we work here, and we love Redmond and all that it has to offer! 
If you have visited the Redmond Coffee Company it is our hope you know that we are absolutely committed to making you the best cup of coffee in Redmond.  Making sure our customers are satisfied is important at Redmond Coffee Company.   If any of our coffees fail  to meet your expectations, please let us know, we want to make it right every time!

Redmond Coffee Company makes only the best coffee for you to enjoy.
The robust coffee flavor of Redmond Coffee Company is a taste that is warming to the senses. Our special blend of coffee has also been known to bring comfort to the soul and joy to the heart.  For a change, try our hot green tea to add extra zest to your beverage. Each Redmond Coffee Company cup of coffee or tea is 100% individually prepared for your convenience and satisfaction. Enjoy!
About Redmond Coffee Company:
Redmond Coffee Company was founded in 2019.  We specialize in the making and distribution of gourmet beverages.
Redmond Coffee Company is headquartered in the heart of Redmond, Oregon, USA and prides itself in being a 100% Redmond Company – not a national chain or Seattle based coffee mass production coffee factory.  Redmond Coffee Company is 100% home grown and proud of it!
Our Philosophy:
Our founder is a woman with a strong Central Oregon entrepreneurial spirit.  She has four children and clearly keeps them at the center of her life.  Through the choice of her company name, one can tell that her philosophy is built upon a home town and local business loyalty. Whenever possible, Redmond Coffee Company buys its products from local merchants.  
Our Goal:
Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.  Our goal is to make Redmond Coffee Company a company you can trust and rely on for outstanding service and quality products. Our goal is to be declared Redmond Business of the Year and Best Coffee Shop in Redmond!
Our Mission:
Be the best darned coffee company in Redmond Oregon.  Make their Day Every Drink, Every Customer, Every Time .
Our Principles:



Redmond Coffee Company

We want Redmond Coffee Company to be your Coffee shop!